About Us

  Safetymore Ltd is a company specialized in fire, rescue and safety equipment (FRS). Our services are quality assured to the highest standards and cover a wide range of condition monitoring and life saving equipment. We offer the best durability and excel in maintenance and performance of safety equipment, fire and rescue personnel and on board facilities.


The company was set up in 2011 by professional marine engineers having significant experience at a lot of ships including tankers where the safety requirements and demands are the highest ones. Most of us had leading roles as chief mechanical engineers. This is why we can offer the best quality of inspections and certification of your products.

All of us, for good or bad, have faced serious problems experienced during marine life – fires on board, abandoning ships, rescue operations, salvage and is plus for mainstream the good work done.

Our Aim

The purpose, while established the company, was to become a famous named and trusted FRS station which all customers can rely on – any time and in any case.

We continue keeping our main idea – not to be only a service, but to be a reliable partner, proud of the job we do, working on highly professional way, being mainstay in Black Sea marine Fire Rescue and Service market. The best reward as service provider is when our customers come back to us any time they need FRS service.

Our Team

All company engineers and technicians have passed the relevant trainings and courses. The company is certified by seven biggest and worldwide recognised classifications societies. Our team is composed by only skilled members, we invest in the manpower keeping the personnel updated with the latest innovations and achievements in Fire rescue and Service business as an important key for development and progress.